Pinkerville Tula Pink

Pinkerville is a state of mind. When Tula Pink designs fabric, she retreats into a imaginary world of her own creation. She calls that place Pinkerville In this collection, Tula Pink is inviting you to join her on her journey through her own delusion. This is a place where all things are possible. Each piece in this collection is named after an attribute that is required for entrance. The Swan is your guide to Pinkerville as she holds the keys to the kingdom, so her print is named Gate Keeper. The Unicorn print is titled Imaginarium because this place requires a devotion to the imagined, a willingness to invent and accept things that may or not be real. A pattern of marbled water conceals a moveable lake monster (among other things!) In a print called Blind Faith because it is a magical thing to believe in something so hard that you can turn innocuous things like shadows to evidence of the fantastic! A butterfly conceals the face of an owl in a print titled Enlightenment as she is the watcher, the all-seeing eyes of Pinkerville. A delicate weaving of lace flowers makes up the print titled Delight, a healthy appreciation for beauty is always welcome here. A print of overlapping fans named Serenity reminds you to be calm and relaxed here, take it all in, there is plenty of time. Worry and anxiety are never welcome in Pinkerville. Finally, there is Fairy Dust that adds just a sprinkle of rainbow magic to tie it all together. Welcome to my world, the space between my ears, the warm water is so shed the heavy baggage of reality and dip a toe into Pinkerville!   

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