Something new from Tula Pink. Her very first deja vu collection - Parisville Deja Vu

Date Posted:23 August 2022 

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Parisville Deja Vu - a new spin on an old theme. The original design of Parisville was based on the story of Marie Antoinette, in all of its unnecessary decadence, as seen through the lens of what a young girl might think is “fancy”. Tula thought it was only natural to pull the new colour palette from a buffet of ice cream colours and dessert treats for these new prints. This collection is like frosting, it's sweet, decadent and entirely indulgent.
Video from the designer Tula Pink

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Tula Pink Parisville Deja Cameot Sorbet PWTP187

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Topiary Strawberry PWTP188

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Damask Dot Violet PWTP189

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Scallop Fans Sorbet PWTP190

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Sea of Tears Melon PWTP191

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Vu Eye Drops Mint PWTP192

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Vu French Lace Hazelnut PWTP193

Tula Pink Parisville Deja Vu Spencer Stripe Pistachio PWTP194

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More from Tula Pink

Playing with a smaller scale the Tiny Beast collection focuses on backyard animals and what they might be up to when we are not looking

See the 1/2 metre and FQ Bundles.
Tiny Beasts backing fabric by Tula Pink - 108" Wide Back

Tula Pink Tiny Beasts 108" Wideback Lady Beetles QBTP008-GLIMMER

Tula Pink Tiny Beasts 108" Wideback Lady Beetles QBTP008-GLOW

Tula's new collection "Daydreamer", borne out of her COVID isolation is a fantastic follow-up to the recently released Curiouser & Curiouser.
Get the full range with a 1/2 metre or FQ bundle.

Tula Pink Daydreamer Pining For You Pineapples Quilt Kit

Daydreamer Tula Pink Fabric Strips Roll

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There are also two great wide back designs that compliment this range. These are 108" (274cm wide).

Tula Pink Curiouser Big Buds Wide Back QBTP006.DAYDREAM

Tula Pink Curiouser Big Buds Wide Back QBTP006.WONDER

Linework range from Tula Pink is another fun range from this great designer.
These stunning True Colours Hexy range by Tula Pink are selling fast !
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