NEW FABRIC ALERT! - We have some amazing new ranges which you will love!

Date Posted:24 April 2024 

Hey there, fabric lovers! We're buzzing with excitement to announce that these new fabric ranges have hit the shelves today!

With fresh designs and stunning colours, they're perfect for your next project. Hurry, it is time make something amazing!
Get excited, vintage lovers! The Amelie by Tanya Whelan collection is brimming with shabby chic French-inspired designs. Bursting with florals and the allure of yesteryears, these pieces will add a dash of charm to your space. Don't wait, bring some vintage vibes home today!

Amelie Red

Amelie Green

Amelie Lilac Blue

Check out the other Tanya Whelan collections that we also have available. These are now priced to clear and a great addition to any stash. 
Barefoot Roses Classics by Tanya Whelan. We sold this stunning range back in 2007 and it was one of our most popular fabrics.... the full range has been reprinted!
Sunshine Rose by Tanya Whelan.
Tanya Whelan Fabrics
Merino Muster II
Step into the life of our Aussie farmers and create you own farming world right at your sewing machine. This collection features the iconic Aussie shearing sheds, working dogs, prize merino sheep and wool, plus a variety of extra coordinates to compliment. 

Merino Muster II Blue Heeler Farm Dog 44" Quilt Panel C

Merino Muster II Working Border Collie Dog Quilt Kit

Merino Muster II Dogs, Cows, Sheep Fabric Bundle

Merino Muster II Working Dog Breeds Quilt Panel Fabric Kit

Merino Muster II Working Farm Dog Breeds 24" Quilt Panel A

Merino Muster II Working Farm Dog Puppies 24" Quilt Panel B

Merino Muster II Working Dog Puppies Quilt Panel Fabric Kit

You can still secure some of the original Merino Muster range too.
Merino Muster
Freedom on Wheels
Unleash your inner adventurer with our whimsical 'Freedom on Wheels' skateboarding fabric ! It's not just a ride, but a journey towards boundless fun and unforgettable thrills. Ready for the ride of your life?

Freedom on Wheels Skateboarders Skateboarding Fabric Bundle

Purchase this range individually or via a bundle. 

Freedom On Wheels Skateboarding Quilt Panel Kit

Freedom On Wheels Skateboarding Quilt Panel Kit Black

Freedom on Wheels Skateboarders Skateboarding 36" Panel A

Freedom on Wheels
With ANZAC day coming this week, a lot of you have been asking about the Remembering ranges.

We have the original and additional ranges in stock now! This includes some great quilt kits too.

In honour of the brave souls who served and sacrificed, Milvale Design Studio is the creator of the Remembering collections. Six years have passed since the launch of the initial Remembering collection, we added Remembering II this year. This special selection of fabrics pays homage to the indomitable spirit of the Anzacs, weaving together the threads of courage, sacrifice, and remembrance.
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